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About California Eskies
California Eskies is a non kennel home environment located in an ideal climate in Southern CA.  We offer beautiful AKC or UKC Registered Toy, Mini and Standard American Eskimo puppies throughout the year. 

Our puppies have been featured in movies such as The Proposal with Sandra Bulluck and Disney's show Dog on The Blog.

During the Baby days we provide Grain Free nourishment, enrichment and love for the Eskies.  They spend time bonding with our children and their parents until they are picked up by there forever families.  
Male Toy Eskie
Female Toy Eskie
Male Toy Eskies are great companions.  They also grow 8 to 12 pounds as an adult and are a lot of fun.  They have great agility and love to run.  Wonderful personalities and companionship. 
Female Toy Eskies grow to approximately 8 to 11 pounds as an adult and are the most loving and social babies. They have silky fur and are very attentive to there forever parents. 
Scene in:

"The Proposal"

Disney's "Dog on The Blog"

AKC or UKC Championship

                   Male Standard Eskimo

Breathtaking beauty and showmanship.  Will standout at any Dog Park or function.  15 to 19 inches at the withers, 17 pounds to 25 pounds.  Your best winner at a Dog Show! 
Princess Sasha from Dog With The Blog, Disney  (Terrimo, Gammie, Driftwood Lines)
Mini Female Eskimo
AKC Ch/ UKC Grand Ch Wookie (Terrimo Line)
Mini Male Eskimo

Mini Male and Female Eskies are fun loving with excellent agility and showmanship.  A great in between size. They grow 13 to 15 inches at the withers and weigh 13 to 16 pounds.  Wonderful personalities and companionship. 

TOY Female 11 Inches to Withers
Female Standard Eskimo
Health Guarantee
We recommend that you take your newest Eskimo Family Member to a Licensed Veterinarian within one week of bringing him or her home for a full exam, fecal test and a 2nd  or 3rd DHPP shot as necessary.  Parvovirus is the number one killer of new puppies and is the responsibility of the new puppy parent to provide the ongoing shots and care for the new loved one.  If you decide to spay or neuter your new doggie, we highly recommend a full blood panel prior to anesthesia.  We do not recommend that this step be turned down at the vets office as there may be a risk of death while under anesthesia.  

1 Year Life Threatening Genetic Defect Guarantee.  We guarantee for one year the healthy life of your puppy free of Life Threatening Genetic Defects such as Heart Condition, Liver, Digestion, Urinary, Diabetes that will or has resulted in the sad loss of your newest Eskimo family member.  

Although we take special care in our breeding program to eliminate genetic issues with the breed, we do not guarantee against common possible genetic disorders commonly known to the breed as listed on AKC.  

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