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Here are some of our adopted puppies.
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Family in Irvine, CA
Shadow X Angel Litter

Family in Seattle, WA
Shadow X Angel Litter
Looks like daddy!! 
Hemet, CA
Jasmine X Bear Litter
Elsa lives in San Francisco, CA
Jasmine X Wookie Litter
Shadow X Angel Litter 
Sister to Jasmine and Carigan
Aunt to Angelina
Shadow X Angel & Jasmine X Bear
Shadow X Angel 
Ramona, CA 

Grandfather Angel, Daughter and Dog n Blog Mother "Jasmine", upcoming dog show and Miss "Joy" enjoying the backyard together! 
Champion Pedigree.  Resides in San Jose, CA
Misha Wang X Nanook Puppy.  Flown to Washington! 
Mr. Dreamer anxiously awaiting his debut in AKC Dog Show Events.  Resides in Fallbrook, CA 
Our Anabelle at 8 weeks.  
Sister lives in Washington
Max I Millions Father as a baby!  
How could we not resist! 

Miss Bailey Resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her owner Marge! 
Flown to Florida!! This Smarty is from 
Mother "Lady Duchess"
Pigeon X Wookie Puppy. 
Our own Sparrow of N Ch-Sky! 
Brother to our very own Lacy!  
Our Gorgeous Miss Sheba going for a ride home from a health visit with the vet! 
Kevin X Duchess = Adorable!
Lives in Southern California
Sweet Kevin X Anna Frozen Kisses Puppy 
at 5 weeks of age. 
Lacy's Brother resides in Ventura County with his beloved family!
Lacy's future to begin in Fall 2016
Arctic Holiday Bear at 6 months! 
Anna Frozen Kisses & Sister~.
Marge was so happy with one of our dogs, she referred us to her sister Jay who has this awesome puppy!  Arctic Storm X Jasmine Puppy!
Miss Lacey and her babies!!
Sheba's Grand Champion Sire; 
Arctic Storm's Grandsire!