California Arctic American Eskimos

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Here are some of our adopted puppies.
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Family in Irvine, CA
Shadow X Angel Litter
Sister to Jasmine and Carigan
Family in Seattle, WA
Shadow X Angel Litter
Looks like daddy!! 
Hemet, CA
Jasmine X Bear Litter
Elsa lives in San Francisco, CA
Jasmine X Wookie Litter
Sterling X Sadie Litter
Mommy is Pregnant for litter in Summer 2015!!
Shadow X Angel Litter 
Sister to Jasmine and Carigan
Aunt to Angelina
Shadow X Angel & Jasmine X Bear
Shadow X Angel 
Ramona, CA 
Our Sweet Annabelle with wait listed Trinity background!  She is in our Dog Show and Breeding Program.  See big things for year 2016!
Grandfather Angel, Daughter and Dog n Blog Mother "Jasmine", upcoming dog show and Miss "Joy" enjoying the backyard together! 
Champion Pedigree.  Resides in San Jose, CA
Misha Wang X Nanook Puppy.  Flown to Washington! 
Mr. Dreamer anxiously awaiting his debut in AKC Dog Show Events.  Resides in Fallbrook, CA 
Our Anabelle at 8 weeks.  
Sister lives in Washington
Our newest addition Kevin!  He is stunning, playful and gorgeous!  
Our Kevin as a baby!  How could we not resist! 

Miss Bailey Resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her owner Marge! 
Flown to Florida!! This Smarty is from 
Mother "Lady Duchess"
Pigeon X Wookie Puppy. 
Lives in Orlando, Florida! 
Brother to our very own Lacy!  
Our Gorgeous Miss Sheba going for a ride home from a health visit with the vet! 
Kevin X Duchess = Adorable!
Lives in Southern California
Sweet Kevin X Anna Frozen Kisses Puppy 
at 5 weeks of age. 
Lacy's Brother resides in Ventura County with his beloved family!
Lacy's future to begin in Fall 2016
Arctic Holliday Bear at 6 months! 
Anna Frozen Kisses & Sister~.
Sheba's Grand Champion Sire; 
Arctic Storm's Grandsire! 
Marge was so happy with one of our dogs, she referred us to her sister Jay who has this awesome puppy!  Arctic Storm X Jasmine Puppy!