California Arctic American Eskimos
(619) 599-3400                 Escondido, CA

​Sire to "Holiday Bear" 
Pictured Above
Half Brother to Lacy, Sugar Cube 
and Sparrow
AKC/UKC Champion Klondyke's Kiskapoo Wookie
(Sire to our Lacy, Sugar Cube, and Nanook)

AKC/UKC White Cloud of Nanook

Joyce's Jewels  
Puppies Available

Arctic Kevin
Arctic Sparrow of N-Ch Sky
Sire of Jasmine's Litter
Only Litter this Season

Champion Arctic Storm
Pardon me!  I am busy in here with my 4 little babies, say's Miss Queen of Sheba! Mother to our Gorgeous Arctic Storm!  On Break
Puppies 2000 and 1800
Our Lady Duchess! 
On Break until
Spring 2018

Lola X Kobe

Miss Sugar!!! 
Sister to Arctic Sparrow 
1 Male Puppy Available!
Miss Jasmine 
(Mother to Dog w Blog Puppy)
Puppies Available!

Arctic Lady Fair! 
Due in November
Miss Precious and Miss Bonnie

Duchess Puppy!!
Litters Available for Reservation

AKC CH Storm X Anna Frozen Kisses
2 Boys Reserved
Boys, 1650
Born 8/23/2017
Available October 18, 2017

Sparrow X Jasmine
1 Female Reserved
2 Girls Available, 1600
1 Boy, 1600
Born 8/25/2017
Available October 20, 2017

Larger Mini 
AKC CH Storm X Joyce's Jewels
Born September 6, 2017
Available October 29, 2017
1 Female Reserved
1 Female 1800
2 Males 1650

Upcoming Litters

Arabelle X Kevin
Due Date 10/14​/2017
2 Females Promised

Sheba X Kevin
Due Date 11/20/2017
Wait List Open
Misha Wang

AKC Anna Frozen Kisses!